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Out of the Box Cards grew from the depressing experience of buying birthday cards for our nieces, cousins, friends and sisters. The cards on offer for girls depict them as pink and pretty; they are always passive and posing. We don't want to contribute in any way to the message that what’s most important about them is their appearance or their size, even through a poor choice of birthday card. The girls we know are intelligent, creative, bold and full of potential. We want to celebrate all that's amazing about them, not put limits on who they are and what they might become.


We’ve created cards, designed with girls in mind, that expand their horizons and treat them as adventurous, active and brave. Then we’ve added in cards for women of all ages that celebrate their diversity and their many different strengths. 

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Our Origin Story

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The Kickstarter


We launched our Kickstarter campaign in October 2018. Our aim was to raise £7500 in three weeks to enable us to set up our business, create a website, print an initial stock of cards, create more designs in the coming year and send us to our first trade fair. At the end of the first day we were a third of the way there with 37 backers, and we hit our target a week later. By the end of the campaign, we had 240 backers pledging over £10,000. It was fantastic to know the idea resonated with so many people, and to have the beginnings of an Out of the Box fan base! 

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