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Feeling very inspired by women I know who are making active changes to move more, and focus on the way it makes them feel. Overcoming embarrassment and comparison around exercise is hard, but it's a joy to have strong female friends who help show you the importance of getting out there and doing it. Let's keep putting the emphasis on moving to FEEL good and lift eachother up in the process.





Out of the Box is a feminist greetings card company I launched with two female friends via a successful Kickstarter in 2018. Our aim is to create cards that celebrate girls and women and challenge the 2D stereotypes represented in the current card industry. We want all kind of women and girls to see themselves represented in our designs.


Daisy Mojave Holland is an illustrator, animator and designer from London.

She graduated from Manchester School of Art with a First class Honours in Illustration with Animation in 2019.

Her identity as an artist is heavily underpinned by a love of feminism and humour, and these themes can be found in her work across the disciplines. In the last couple of years her work has had a strong emphasis on socially driven engagement, which encourages female capability and unity, and this is playfully carried out through the subversion of gender ideals and stereotypes that exist today.

Alongside freelance work and study, at the end of 2018 Daisy launched a feminist  greetings card company called 'Out of the Box' cards with business partners Jenny Baker & Grace Rae. 


As well as illustration, I've got a few animations to look at too. I'm hoping to reconnect with animation in the next few months, so that I'll have something new to add to this collection in the not too distant future..!

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